About us

I am Rudolf Szabó, 40 years old, I grew up in Pogány, a village which is 6 km from Pécs. As a child we spent the classic village lifestyle, backyard farming with a kitchen garden, hens, rabbits and piglets, which satisfied the family’s needs for vegetables and meat for most of the year. My wife, Evi, and our 7-month-old son, Levente, were set to make our dream come true in 2020.

We both played sports actively, so a healthy diet was natural for us, but it became even more important with the birth of our son. We consider it important to procure what you need to cook from a domestic source that is as chemical-free as possible. Due to this, we bought a 2500sqm orchard, where we started the production on the principle of "pleasant with the useful", mainly for our own supply, and the rest for sale.

The idea of getting the fresh crop from the farmland straight to the consumer it had been expressed in me long time ago, but its execution was waiting for itself. In this way trust is no longer just a matter of faith but the personal relationship and controllability between the producer and the consumer makes the crop and the crop tangible, close to people.

Environmental awareness still seems a bit fashionable today, but more and more people are realizing it is necessary. With the shortest supply chain - from producer to consumer - we minimize our environmental impact with the goods we produce, and our waste generation is essentially zero, as we deliver seasonal products without packaging in recycled boxes. The importance of chemical-free is increasingly emphasized today due to the accumulation of toxins around them, and there are plenty of pesticide residues in our foods, in addition to additives and dyes.