Subscribe to a piece of land and we will deliver it to your door, which will grow on it all year round!

Become a member of the beneficiaries of the goods produced by the Vegetable FARM.

Be virtually owner of the land and enjoy the flavours of nature!

You are guaranteed a chemical-free crop, selected from seasonal vegetables as nature gives you. Be a conscious and informed customer too!

Prospective “landowners” can purchase weekly, biweekly and monthly vegetable packages / baskets for the year 2022. The contents of the baskets, as I mentioned above, are the seasonal vegetables that grow from late March to late October. (what the garden gives you will be in your weekly or monthly package :))

We donate 10% of our entire crop to charity, which we donate to jointly selected organizations for healthier nutrition for children living in deep poverty! In addition, it is possible to purchase additional charity baskets, which will be delivered to the organization or family designated by the customer at a pre-arranged time.

A few words about our garden

Our small estate is located on 4700 sqm 6 km from Pécs in the charming village of Pogány. There are quite a few fruit trees in the area, that are thriving with fruits, which is a pleasure to look at. The thirst of our vegetable land is irrigated by the water of the drilled well, thus ensuring the summer rain-free months.

At the end of autumn, after the last harvest, the soil and the land are carefully winterized. We remove dead leaves, old and unused parts of vegetables, properly clean the land chemical-free methods and then cover the soil with rich compost.

In spring our vegetables are grown in a calm environment, away from wild animals and foreign hands. Our hard work, energy, dedication and love for nature bring the expected results and the taste of our fruits becomes unparalleled.

Get out a little of the hustle and bustle every day and watch via a live camera where you are buying - whether pre-ordering - or follow the work in progress. In a family- and child-friendly environment you can watch where the fresh, juicy vegetables come from to your table.

How to order

Depending on the land, we can provide a fixed amount of orders annually. You will find our baskets named weekly and monthly. (Order under the "Our Products" tab)

If the area to be cultivated "runs out", then no further orders will be available. Don't hesitate, subscribe now!

Delivery process

We deliver vegetable baskets free of charge in Baranya county.

Weekly basket delivered during the season every week, while monthly basket delivered once a month at pre-arranged times!

Are you not sure about your annual order yet, but would like to try a sample of the offer? No problem, subscribe to a tasting of your chosen month by 28/02/2022! (We will deliver your vegetable basket for ~ 4 weeks).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at one of the contact details provided! In person, by phone or via e-mail.